One of the best ways to improve in anything we do is to do it as often as we can. ProForm Classes provide committed players with an opportunity to receive focused reps and mechanical reinforcement on a more consistent basis. We’ve studied the best in the world and designed simple, effective, and affordable training programs to help take your game to new heights.

ProForm Hitting Classes

Instructors: Noah Brewster – Scott Templeton – Trevor Abrams – Brayden Bishop

Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of hitters, thousands of swings, and worked with players of all types, sizes, and abilities. Through our successes and setbacks, we’ve come to really understand what does and does not work. Our ProForm Hitting Classes are a collection of our best work, utilizing only what’s been proven to get results.

  • 60 minutes/class

  • Up to 3 Instructors/Class

  • Up to 8 Players/Class

  • Power Development

  • Improve Timing & Consistency

  • Improve Adjustability


Class Schedule


Tuesdays/Thursdays 6:00PM - 7:00PM

ProForm Catching Classes

Instructors: Noah Brewster

Catching is by far one of the most important and intricate positions in baseball. Strong defensive catchers are some of the most sought after and heavily recruited players in the game but finding the correct information can be challenging. When it comes to improving receiving, cleaning up footwork, or becoming a defensive powerhouse, we are the best.

  • Improve Receiving

  • Improve Blocking

  • Improve Pop-Time

  • 60 Minutes/Class

  • 1 Instructor/Class

  • Up to 8 Players/Class


Class Schedule

Sundays    11:00AM - 12:30PM