We are ProForm Baseball Training, Northern California's premier baseball instructional facility located inside the Louisville Slugger Innovations Lab in Roseville, CA. Over the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of players and studied the best in the world to bring you simple and effective training programs that produce results you can feel and see. We are continuously learning and improving, evolving right along side this game we love.

Scott Templeton.JPG

Scott Templeton (RF)

  • Co-Founder

  • Sierra College Alumni

  • Sonoma State Alumni

  • Current Sierra College Coach

Trevor Abrams 2.JPG

Trevor Abrams (3B)

  • Whitney High School Alumni (2013)

  • Attended St. Mary’s College

  • Sonoma State Alumni

  • Drafted/Signed Free Agent - San Francisco Giants (2017)

Brayden Bishop.JPG

Brayden Bishop (CF)

  • Drafted 36th Round - Atlanta Braves (2012)

  • Attended University of Washington

  • Drafted/Signed 3rd Round - Seattle Mariners (2015)


Tyler Schimpf (P)

  • Capital Christian High School Alumni

  • Attended University of Texas

  • Drafted/Signed 13th Round - San Francisco Giants


We are NOT the answer to all problems. We teach what we are good at and what we believe in. What we provide our players with is a better OPPORTUNITY at success, not a guarantee. How far each player makes it is completely up to them, we provide the correct information but believe passion and work ethic are the necessary ingredients for success.