We teach a new age style of baseball using physics, statistics, and technology to maximize each players development. We understand that every player is different, each with their own set of needs and goals. Our job is to assist each player along his individual journey in order to provide them with the best possible OPPORTUNITY for success.


Our private lessons are dedicated time slots used to provide each player with the information needed to maximize their performance both on and off the field. Here we take players as they currently are and slowly mold them into the player they would like to become.


One of the best ways to improve in anything we do is to do it as often as we can. ProForm Classes provide committed players with an opportunity to receive focused reps and mechanical reinforcement on a more consistent basis. We’ve studied the best in the world and designed simple, effective, and affordable training programs to help take your game to new heights.



ProForm Specialty Clinics are constantly rotating, working with players on topics like hitting, fielding, conditioning & agility, Mindset devolopment, and college recruiting. See below for the upcoming ProForm Specialty Clinics and information associated.