Our private lessons are dedicated time slots used to provide each player with the information needed to maximize their performance both on and off the field. Here we take players as they currently are and slowly mold them into the player they would like to become.

We pride ourselves on our ability to not only understand high-level mechanics, but also TEACH them to players of all ages and abilities.



Instructors: Noah Brewster – Scott Templeton – Trevor Abrams – Brayden Bishop

This game is changing, evolving with every pitch and every swing. Everything can be tracked and measured making technique training more of a science than theory. We’ve worked with hundreds of players and seen thousands of swings, improving everything from hand path to power development. Whatever the issue is, whether it is mental or physical, we are the most equipped and qualified instructors for the job.

  • Power Development – Understanding how to produce and deliver power on a more consistent basis.

  • Improve Timing & Consistency – Understanding how to control and develop a consistent load and stride pattern.

  • Learn to Self-Adjust – The ability to rapidly and accurately assess defective swings

  • Mindset Development – Learning the correct self talk and understanding how to be present, focusing on one swing at a time.


Instructors: Noah Brewster

Catching is by far one of the most important and intricate positions in baseball. Strong defensive catchers are some of the most sought after and heavily recruited players in the game but finding the correct information can be challenging. When it comes to improving receiving, cleaning up footwork, or becoming a defensive powerhouse, we are the best.

  • Improve Receiving – Leading to an increase in called strikes.

  • Improve Blocking – Leading to less offensive free passes.

  • Improve Pop Time – Leading to a decrease in number of successful steal attempts.

  • Pitch Calling – Understanding which pitches to throw and when, leading to a decrease in opponent batting averages.